Active since 1990, the foundation has been committed to the analysis of social processes and developments worldwide. In cooperation with organizations around the globe, it works on democratic and social participation, empowerment of disadvantaged groups, alternatives for economic and social development, conflict prevention, and peaceful conflict resolution. Its international activities aim to provide civic education by means of academic analyses, public programs, and projects conducted together with partner institutions. In order to be able to mentor and coordinate these various projects, the foundation has established 17 regional offices around the world.

Please visit the RLS Head Office Website for a profound overview of the international work and other offices.

In West, East and Southern Africa the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung cooperates with about 70 partners, having offices in Johannesburg (South Africa), Dakar (Senegal), and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Africa (Flyer | pdf)