Implications on Uganda’s and EAC’s economy and on people’s livelihoods | Written by SEATINI Uganda SEATINI-Study| March  2016

After 12 years of challenging negotiations, the East African Community (EAC) and European Union (EU) concluded the Economic Partnership Agreements in October 2014. Nevertheless, critical issues such as competition policy, investment and private sector development, intellectual property rights contained in the so-called Rendezvous Clause of the Agreement are yet to be finalized by the two Parties. The analysis, provided by SEATINI Uganda, examines the provisions in the rendezvous clause and their likely implications on EAC’s economy and peoples’ livelihood, provides recommendations and proposes negotiations positions to guide the EAC’s negotiations.

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Paper: An Analysis of the Rendezvous Clause in the EAC-EU-EPA
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