Addressing the Critical Gaps that Increase Women’s Vulnerability to Shocks of Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition | Published by Food Rights Alliance | August 2015

The Food Rights Alliance (FRA) in Uganda presents a compelling study establishing facts about the effects of women’s exposure to shocks of vulnerability, poverty and traumatic stressors of hunger and malnutrition. The study entitled “Bearing the brunt of women’s exclusion in Agriculture” is carried out in two formerly war afflicted Districts in Teso Sub-Region in Eastern Uganda. This study describes the background and circumstances of women’s exclusion in food production in the districts of Amuria and Ngora districts and; provides thought-provoking real-life stories of communities and their challenges. The paper further examines the legal, policy and institutional frameworks aimed at addressing women’s marginalization in production; a set of recommendations for policy makers and practitioners is offered as well.

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Study: Bearing the brunt of women’s exclusion in Agriculture
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