Voices of Host Communities | Published by NAPE | July 2012

NAPE, under the Sustainability School Programme, set out to document the voices of host communities in areas where large developmental projects have been established by government with support from its international development partners. The Sustainability School Programme of NAPE aims at empowering communities with knowledge and skills to help them hold accountable the government and its development partners for the impacts of their actions on people’s livelihoods and national development. This publication, therefore aims at amplifying the voices of the local people being impacted on negatively by these development initiatives.
The publication targets all the different arms of government, development partners, civil society organisations, the media and the communities. Voices were recorded in three main thematic areas where the Sustainability School is operating namely: forests and large plantations, oil governance and large dams and energy. We believe that sustainable development will only be tenable if communities that depend on natural resources in marginalized and ecologically fragile areas are empowered to seek and secure greater control over those resources and benefit from them as collectively owned commons.

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Study: The Ironies of Big Development Projects in Uganda
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